Anjan Amarnath

Developer. Hacker. Innovator.

Hi, I'm Anjan.

I am studying computer science at the University of Southern California and will be graduating with my Master of Science degree in December 2020. I am a passionate programmer and aspiring entrepreneur - I love exploring how technology intersects with various industries to solve problems and transform our lives. I have experience working across the stack, but I have a deeper interest in back-end engineering. Currently, sports, finance, education, and cybersecurity are a few of the industries that excite me the most, but I am always looking to broaden my interests.


  • Java
  • C++
  • Python
  • SQL
  • C#/.NET
  • PHP/Hack
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • DynamoDB
  • CloudFormation
  • AWS CodeBuild/CodePipeline
  • Elastic Container Service
  • MongoDB
  • CloudFormation
  • Docker
  • Sports
  • Ice Cream
  • Reading
  • Board Games
  • Podcasts
  • Global Food
  • FIFA


Software Development Intern Remote June 2020 - August 2020

As a member of the Windows Business Application Modernization Lab, I developed a public workshop to teach Windows customers how to migrate .NET Framework monolith applications to .NET Core microservices architectures using AWS Services and the strangler fig pattern. I developed labs using C#, MSSQL, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Elastic Container Service, Amazon Aurora, Docker, and Kubernetes as well as many other resources. I also created several CI/CD pipelines using CloudFormation.

Software Engineering Intern Facebook - Menlo Park, CA May 2019 - August 2019

As a full-stack developer in the Community Integrity organization, I created automated privacy debugging tool for Facebook's Single Review Tool platform, which is used by 15,000 users. I used Hack and React.js to create the web tool that reduced the amount of non-technical on-call related issues by over 5%. I abstracted legacy code to build a foundation for the other internal tools and reduce code redundancy.

Cybersecurity Research Intern EPRI - Palo Alto, CA May 2018 - Present

I created Python scripts/GUI to assess the timing security of three different GPS clocks. I used common cybersecurity tools (Wireshark, Kismet, etc.) to conduct wireless penetration testing on several different protocols. I drafted a proposal for the DoE's EERE regarding the development of cybersecurity requirements and a cybersecurity reference architecture for the electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Research Intern EPRI - Palo Alto, CA May 2017 - August 2018

I researched and compared more than 60 different IoT cybersecurity vendors using a framework I developed in order to identify the best IoT security vendors for electric utilities. My work culminated with a white paper for members and employees detailing the state of IoT security for the electric grid, common vulnerabilities, simple pen-testing, and industry best practices.

Programming Intern ThinkTank Learning - Cupertino, CA June 2015 - August 2015

I helped create a web application that tutors could share with clients to facilitate their studying and preparation for the remodeled SAT. My team worked primarily to develop a Python web-scraping tool to aggregate Khan Academy data and populate a database with test cases.


SmartRebounder: The Smart Rebounder is a basketball hoop attachment aimed at improving athlete shot training. It attaches to the rim of the basket and acts as a slide to funnel make baskets back to the shooter. It uses OpenCV and servo motors to track the shooter’s position and rotate the attachment to point in the direction of the athlete in order to funnel their made baskets back in their direction.

CourseMash: A web-based application that allows USC classmates to ask questions to one another and collaborate through a forum-like platform. Students can post comments and reply to others' posts in order to engage in collaborative discussion. We implemented a unique "SOS" feature for posts which would alert all students enrolled in class to go to a certain post right away.

Dog Adoption: Created a simple dog adoption website where users could view dogs up for adoption, create a personal profile based on the dogs they adopted, and find out who their friends have adopted. This was a simple project meant to help me get a grasp of MongoDB and Node.js.

ACM Board Dodge: At the 2016 TrojanHacks hackathon, my first hackathon, my team and I created a projectile dodging game, where the user's (Mario's) main objective is to dodge oncoming ACM Board Members for as long as possible.

DIY Bluetooth Speakers: As a part of USC Makers, my team and I made a DIY Bluetooth speaker by implementing a Class D amplifier to boost audio inputs from two sources: Bluetooth and AUX. We have plans to further implement LED lighting that is synched and provides a visual representation of the audio.

3D4E - Hydroponics Team: My team and I created and designed a customizable, modular, and affordable hydroponics system that would allow users to grow natural foods with 20% less water, without soil, and with nourishment specific to the desired plants.